You too can be a successful, confident sales person.

What is it?

An on-demand online sales course - split into 4 courses - based on a scientifically researched formula that will change your life.

Benefits for you

Sales skills

Know exactly what to do, what to say and how to behave in any stage of a sale.

People skills

Become a better communicator, able to empathize and understand people.

Life skills

Develop your problem-solving skills and become a more confident, more persuasive person in your life.

Who is this course for?

If you ever heard yourself say:

“I don’t have the ability to persuade other people”

“Sales is not really for me”

“I hate the idea of being pushy with people”

“I lack the enthusiasm and people skills”

“I don’t want to bother people”

... this course is for you.

Sales and You® are 4 tailor-made courses delivered by an expert that will change your life.

About your trainer

My name is Rodrigo Seruya Cabral. I work in sales for 15+ years now, and taught sales skills to hundreds of people from all corners of the world.

I attend certified sales courses every year to keep my knowledge up to date, to use this knowledge in my own activity and to keep training my sales team and resellers network around the world.


What people say

Rating on Udemy


“I’m communicating better with people”

Gilbert Balin
Trainer and Assessor Team Leader at Inspire Education Pty
Metro Manila, Philippines

“Gave me a huge boost in confidence”

Benjamin Zeffertt
Business Development at VantagePoint
London, United Kingdom

“I’m more focused on understanding people”

Claudia Corniciuc
Account Executive at Codacy
Lisbon, Portugal

“Rodrigo has exceptional potential to train people in sales”

Dileep Shukla
Owner / Managing Director at Gonard Technologies
New Delhi, India