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Your first time in sales
The 3-step formula to jumpstart your career in sales.

Previously: €89.99

Now: € 44.99



English audio

5 sections
17 lectures


Course overview

Haven't you always wanted to learn how to sell?

This course will give you very important foundations for your job in sales, whether it is your first time ever in sales, or if you already have some experience in sales

Here’s what you’ll learn

Right Method

Learn how you should really be learning sales skills

Right Mindset

Know how to motivate yourself to sell anything

Right Mood

Get yourself and your buyers in the Right Mood for the sale

Course breakdown

Short intro to the content of the training and an overview of the skills you will take away from the course

12 mins

The Right Method
You’ll discover the best way to learn sales skills and start practicing. You'll learn the right way!

21 mins

The Right Mindset
You'll learn how to get yourself in the Right Mindset for selling. This section covers the ups and downs of this job.

39 mins

The Right Mood
Creating the right mood for sales. You will discover how to put in practice the main principles in selling.

36 mins

Putting all of it together
Summary of your key takeaways from the course and setting yourself up for action

6 mins

Are you ready to finally learn how to sell? Become more confident and more persuasive in your sales work and in your Life.

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About your trainer

Rodrigo Seruya Cabral

General Manager at ManWinWin Software & Founder of Thingo App, Founder and Trainer of Sales and You

My name is Rodrigo Seruya Cabral. I work in sales for 15+ years now, and taught sales skills to hundreds of people from all corners of the world.

I attend certified sales courses every year to keep my knowledge up to date, to use this knowledge in my own activity and to keep training my sales team and resellers network around the world.