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After your sales pitch
The untapped power of follow up, objections handling and negotiation skills.

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6 sections
18 lectures


Course overview

It’s tough when your buyers simply stop answering your calls and e-mails, after telling you they’re really interested, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it help you to know exactly what to say when clients tell you “Your price is too expensive”? Don’t you think negotiating effectively is a powerful skill for you to learn?

Knowing how to follow up, how to handle objections (including the Price Objection) and how to negotiate effectively are KEY skills in the business of selling.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Follow up

Using e-mail and chat to successfully advance the sale along your sales funnel

Dealing with Objections

Knowing what to say when your Buyers raise objections, including “Your price is too high”

Negotiation Skills

Preparing negotiations; you’ll learn how to master any negotiation, until closing the sale

Course breakdown

Short intro to the content of the training and an overview of the skills you will take away from the course

5 mins

Follow Up
Designing your sales funnel will help you follow up effectively, using e-mail and chat. Learn to look out for (false) buying signals

36 mins

Handling objections
Turn around your buyers’ most common objections, including the price objection. This is a game-changer in your sales skills!

18 mins

Negotiation Skills
How to prepare and how to handle any negotiation, which will get you closer and closer to the sale

29 mins

Bonus section
You have 3 final bonus lectures – using a system to track sales activity, creating your own KPI in sales and a special gift for you!

23 mins

Putting all of it together
Summary of your key takeaways from the course and setting yourself up for action

5 mins

Are you ready to finally learn how to sell? Become more confident and more persuasive in your sales work and in your Life.

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About your trainer

Rodrigo Seruya Cabral

General Manager at ManWinWin Software & Founder of Thingo App, Founder and Trainer of Sales and You

My name is Rodrigo Seruya Cabral. I work in sales for 15+ years now, and taught sales skills to hundreds of people from all corners of the world.

I attend certified sales courses every year to keep my knowledge up to date, to use this knowledge in my own activity and to keep training my sales team and resellers network around the world.